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Fluid Leather anbefales kun for skader der det er nødvendig å fylle. For riper/merker og generell slitasje anbefaler vi å glatte overflaten med Leather Sanding Pad og farge opp igjen med Leather Fresh.


Overflaten til Fluid Leather er glatt og blank etter tørking. For å skjule reparasjonen, bruk Leather Fresh hvor det er nødvendig. Dette matter ned glansen. Påfør Leather Fresh med svamp på det reparerte området, og tørk med en varmepistol eller hårføner. Flere påføringer er nødvendig for full dekning.


Avfett området med Leather Cleaning Spirit for å fjerne rester fra rense- og beskyttelsesprodukter.


For hardened leathers, always perform repairs with Fluid Leather before any treatment with Old Leather Softener. This oily treatment would reduce the adhesion of the Fluid Leather.


Where there is extensive damage it’s not always possible to smooth the surface evenly just by using the Spatula. Such areas have to be reworked. COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather cannot be sanded dry. This would damage the repair.

We recommend using the COLOURLOCK GLD Pen to smooth the repair. The GLD Solvent slightly dissolves the surface of the COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather and provides a smoother finish.

Open the lid of the COLOURLOCK GLD Pen and press down the felt tip several times until it is moistened. If the felt tip gets too moist, remove the excess quantity by cleaning it with a cloth. Smooth the repair area carefully with the moistened felt tip. When the repair area is wet with GLD, an additional treatment with the COLOURLOCK Leather Sanding Pad can be done to smooth the repair area. Always work with a small amount of GLD to prevent the repair area from becoming too dissolved. Using GLD, a repair can be adjusted to achieve the best possible result.

Professionals can repair the graining on a work area using a Repair Grain. Usually, old leathers are smooth and do not need a new graining.

The tip of the COLOURLOCK GLD Pen can be removed and reversed when worn. Especially when working on a new colour, it is necessary to change or turn the felt tip upside down.

Finally, repairs with COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather must be recoloured with COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh to balance differences in colour and gloss. In order to cover the COLOURLOCK Fluid Leather sufficiently, the COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh should be dabbed onto the area several times and dried between the layers with a hair dryer. After 24 hours treat the leather with Leather Protector.